Modest Jogging Extends Lives

As part of EuroPrevent 2012, researchers presented data from the 19,780 participant Copenhagen Heart Study that evidenced individuals who jogged for at least one hour per week, at even a very modest pace, extended their healthy life.  For men who jogged, the increase in life expectancy was at least 6.2 years, while for women it was 5.6 years.  The study noted that joggers experienced a 44% reduction in death risk over 35 years.  In addition, the study recognized a mere 122 deaths among joggers in the 35 years under review, while the non-jogging group suffered 10,158 deaths.  The lead researcher talked about the joggers living a healthier, happier and higher-quality life.

The authors felt that the benefit was even more profound in seniors who began jogging at, or over, age 70. It is important to note that before anyone begins a jogging or exercise program, they need to see their medical doctor to discuss the risks and benefits of these activities.

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