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We Need Your Patience – Thank You

EHROur office is converting from electronic health record software created by vendor All Scripts to a program created by Greenway called Prime Suite.   Prime Suite contains a very easy to use practice management component for billing and scheduling that will replace our current proprietary system known as Innovations.  Why would I possibly change systems again?   All Scripts made certain decisions that it will result in it no longer keeping its software working. We need an electronic health record system that meets the Medicare and federal government’s requirements and we chose software that communicates with the software at Boca Raton Regional Hospital and the Tenet facilities.

The training and switch from one computer system to another is both tedious and stressful for the office staff and the physicians. It is tedious and stressful because we not only need to carry on business as usual, but we must make sure we record our visits accurately and that the previous medical records are transferred into this system accurately and completely.  For this reason staff will be asking you to reconfirm your personal data including address in Florida and elsewhere, phone numbers including mobile phones, home phones, fax numbers, email addresses and your preferred method of being contacted.  We will be checking your primary insurance and secondary plans as well as confirming your emergency contacts names and phone numbers. As part of the process we will be re-examining whether you have indicated that you have a living will or any end of life plans and make sure we have a copy of those documents on file.

As we move forward we apologize for asking you to provide the information we already have and that has not changed but hope that by being complete and thorough we will eventually make all operations work at a higher level for you the patient. Thank you. Feel free to call if you wish to discuss this.


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