High Dose Flu Vaccine Works Better

Shot, PatientIn a brief article in the August 14th issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, Carolos DiazGranados, M.D. reports that the high dose flu vaccine is more effective in preventing influenza in senior citizens over 65 years of age when compared to the other vaccines on the market. The vaccine was created because the immune systems of seniors are less responsive to a vaccine dosage than younger people. Many received the standard flu shot but never developed the immunity or protection expected. With that in mind a vaccine was created with 4 times the immune system stimulating material than a traditional flu shot.

Dr. DiazGranados studied 31,803 patients over two flu seasons and compared the high dose shot to the quadrivalent formulation. He found that not only was the high dose vaccine more effective but that it had the same number of side effects as all the other preparations suggested for flu protection.

We will be beginning g our flu shot program on October I, 2014 with the vaccine already in the office. I will be recommending the high dose vaccine to all my patients 65 years and older. All others will be given the quadrivalent product. Influenza vaccination is recommended in all adults.

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