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Why I Have “NO” Intention of Retiring in the Near Future

Not ReadyI was a bit surprised when an 85 year old potential patient asked me if I was planning on retiring soon. It is a fair question for someone considering joining a medical practice. They do not want to begin a relationship only to find out that the doctor is retiring in a short time.

I have no intention of retiring for at least the next 10 years. If I am fortunate enough to stay healthy, competent and caring, why would I give up something that I love doing? Practicing general internal medicine and having long standing relationships with my patients is a love and a passion – not a job. I am doing a fairly good job of it, feel confident that I can improve with time and more experience and, at this point, I am healthy enough to continue practicing as well as teaching future physicians.

Over the last 20 years, as medicine has changed dramatically, many of my colleagues who I started practicing with as new physicians in the late 1970’s have walked away from medicine with great disappointment and disgust. I am still having fun! When I converted my practice in 2003 from a traditional practice to a smaller concierge version, which allowed me to practice the way I was trained to practice, it reinvigorated my love for the profession.

I relish being in a position to show doctors in training the way it can be done and should be done to care for complex patients by giving them access to the doctor and time to express themselves while I listen. If you access the website of the American College of Medicine and the American Board of Internal Medicine and check out my data it says I am eligible for recertification in Internal Medicine through 2023. My goal is to continue to practice and remain eligible while practicing at a high level, being available and accessible and helping you to coordinate your care in a forever changing and more complex health care environment.


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