Driving Up the East Coast on Vacation

The Pandemic resulted in me not taking a vacation for three years. A quick trip by plane to NJ in June for a high school graduation was cancelled when COVID infected the graduate’s immediate family. The party was pushed back to August but a paucity of dog sitters to watch my disabled failing pug while we were gone complicated trip plans. I consulted our vet who just suggested we take the pups with us in the car . My three adult daughters thought my wife and I were crazy for planning this vacation but here seven days later on a wooden deck on a mountain top in Upstate NY enjoying the shade, low humidity and cool breezes.

It’s great to leave Florida by car. No flight cancellations. No lost luggage. My wife and I split the driving and stop every few hours to walk the dogs and use a clean rest room ourselves. We listen to my wife’s radio choices while she drives and vice versa.

I belly laughed up the coast because she loves comedy greats on Spotify. I laughed to comic routines by Jack Carter, Jan Murray, Hennie Youngman, Robert Klein , Robin Williams, Redd Fox and other greats I had not heard in decades. We stay in dog friendly highly recommended chain hotels which are clean, serve a breakfast and have helpful friendly staff.

At stops in Beaufort , South Carolina, Richmond , Virginia and Rockville, Maryland there is no such thing as a corona virus pandemic. We were the only ones wearing masks, eating outdoors exclusively and avoiding crowds indoors. Until we arrived here high in the Catskill Mountains the weather was Florida-like, hot and humid.

On the road I stopped to see my niece, her husband and infant little girl . My niece is a pediatric hematologist, he’s an anesthesiologist and Aria is just a beautiful captivating 18-month-old. I learned how these young docs feel about medicine and how they try and balance both professional and personal responsibilities while my niece learns that being a mom really is the toughest job in the world. I was able to see their new home and the life they are building . It was a rewarding uplifting experience to see those you love happy, healthy and living their dream.

I also got to break bread with my business associate and friend who for fifteen years has directed practice advertising, website improvement, newsletters and blogs. We usually see each other a few times each year but communications have been by phone and Facetime since the pandemic began. Getting together face to face just reaffirmed why I like and respect this gentleman.

We are currently in a farmhouse in Upstate NY, which my daughter and son in law are renovating. It’s breezy, cool, serene and plush outdoors. We are planning our return trip south with overnight stops every five hours.

See you all soon.