Medicare Part D Annual Enrollment

As of October 15, 2021 traditional Medicare enrollees are encouraged to compare available prescription drug plans under the Medicare Part D program for the 2022 year. Private insurance companies administer these programs for Medicare. The drugs they cover and the amount they cover change from year to year. What was covered this month through December 31, 2021 may not be covered at all on January 1, 2022. The result may be sticker shock when you attempt to refill your normal prescription medications and are presented with a huge bill when you go to pick them up because your insurer no longer carries that medication or covers it through their formulary of medications. The open enrollment period ends December 15, 2021. A Kaiser Foundation poll and research study found that 70% of Medicare beneficiaries do not even compare plans during the October 15 – December 7th enrollment period.

If you have a computer log onto You will be given a choice to look at Medicare plans as an existing beneficiary or a new one. It will then ask if you wish to sign in with an account or as a guest. Either path will take you through.

You need to then choose Medicare Part D Prescription plans. It will ask for identifying information including your date of birth, initial date as a Medicare recipient and your zip code. It will request that you choose a participating pharmacy. If you use a chain pharmacy such as CVS or Walgreens, choosing any branch will do. It will then ask you to list your medications including dosage and how many you take daily and monthly. Once this task is completed it will allow you to select a plan.

Plans available in Palm Beach County, Florida are different than plans available in Dade County, Florida or even Nassau County, New York. If you wish to have a plan with no deductible the monthly premium will be more costly.

The computer program lists your current plan at the top with anticipated costs to you for 2022 if you keep your current plan. Underneath they list the best plans for you and the member ratings of those plans’ performance in previous years.

The process takes about twenty minutes but can save you hundreds of dollars and much aggravation. In my medical practice, we print out the data for our elderly patients who don’t have access to a computer or lack the skills to use the website.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Open Enrollment Period

Medicare CardIt is that time of year again to review your current Medicare Part D prescription drug plan options and make changes if there is something better for you available. The open enrollment period extends until December 7th, 2013 for the 2014 calendar year. If you make no new selection you will just continue to use the product you currently have if it is still available.

To make your review you will need computer and internet access. Go to look for prescription drug plans and click that option. It will ask you to provide your current medications and dosage using the generic drug name and how often you take it. It will ask you to provide your zip code to find a preferred pharmacy. Enter your medications and run the program. You will get a list of the prescription programs in your area and the different options. Keep it simple. Your monthly payment will be higher if you want no deductible. Make sure the monthly payments for no deductible aren’t more expensive than the actual dollar value of the deductible. Keep it simple. If you have any questions give us a call.